Luxury Rosewood Effect Gift Box

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This Luxury Rosewood Effect Gift Box is a very elegant solution to storing your shaving kit. Lets face it that sometimes as our shaving kits grow faster than we imagine and it can be a bit of a pain moving everything about, especially if you are going travelling as there can be so many different loose items you need to bring!

With plenty of room over two inner compartments for your Safety Razor, Blades, Shaving Brush, Soaps, Creams and extras this rosewood effect box locks with the use of a sliding clasp.

If you aren’t looking for yourself just remember that this Gift Box will make a lovely finishing touch to any gift and it will mean so much more with all of the items being hand picked!

If you wanted to go for something a bit different you could also consider getting it engraved. This box really is very well made and substantial.

Inside Measurements of Each Compartment:

Width: 90mm
Depth: 130mm
Height: 70mm

Additional information

Dimensions 200 x 150 x 80 mm

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