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Our Merkur Gift Set makes one hell of a present whether it is for a Birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or indeed any occasion. Make sure the man in your life gets a great shave!

So What’s Included?

The safety razor itself is the Merkur 15C which is a lightweight open comb model that is very easy to control. This 3 piece razor comes with a pack of 5 Astra double edge razor blades to get started but will take any double edge blade from our website.

The shaving brush in this set is the boar hair Omega 49, which will provide an excellent lather from the supplied Mitchell’s wool fat shaving soap, giving a great close shave, especially for people with sensitive skin!

This set also includes a cream drip stand, which ensures that your new Omega brush dries properly between shaves. A professional alum block is also included to sooth the face after shaving as well as provide a boon of benefits to the skin, including helping to close your pores. Throw in a styptic pencil for those little nicks and cuts that are inevitable every once in a little while and put them all in a wonderful wooden gift box to make for a great gift set at a great price.

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Germany, Isle of Man, Italy, Russia


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