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This Cream Vulfix Shaving Brush Drip Stand is a welcome edition to any shaving kit. You may be thinking why on earth do I need a brush stand? Well the truth is that they can extend the life of your shaving brush by a considerable amount! A drip stand such as this one from Vulfix enable your brush to hang upside down, drying the bristles out naturally and thoroughly. This means no more unexpected messy brush the next time you come to shave, which obviously wont do the bristles any good, no matter what your brush is made of.

So there you have it, if you own a quality brush it might have set you back a little bit of money, so why not take care of it properly with a stand.

This version is Cream, but we have several different colours available to suit your style of shaving brush. These drip stands, which are manufactured in England, can be wall mounted if necessary, or simply stood on a basin or window ledge.

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