The Safety Razor Company SS-02 Open Comb Safety Razor

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The Safety Razor Company SS-02 Open Comb Safety Razor is ideal for those who prefer a more aggressive razor. While this does mean that we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product to people just starting out with safety razor shaving, if you are confident in your technique it can provide a very close shave at a competitive price.

The SS-02 is a 3 piece safety razor which means that to replace the blade all you have to do is unscrew the handle to get access to the head of the razor. This razor has a barber pole style on the handle which offers excellent grip even when the razor is wet.

We have several other own brand Open Comb options available here at The Safety Razor Company at a very competitive price. So if this particular razor doesn’t take your fancy you might prefer one of the other styles we have available.

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