Merkur 25C Long Handle Open Comb Safety Razor


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The Merkur 25C Long Handle Open Comb Safety Razor is a beautifully simplistic lightweight razor. Essentially this razor is the open comb version of the Merkur 23C, considered by many to be a staple of the Merkur range. Because the 25C is open comb it will give a fantastic, close shave. Just remember that open comb razors are not really the best choice for someone who is just starting out with Safety Razor shaving. This is because they are quite aggressive and less forgiving to those who aren’t confident in their wet shaving technique.

Being a 3 piece razor you unscrew the head of the razor to change blades and clean. If you are looking for something similar with a shorter handle we also supply the Merkur 15C, which you might be interested in.

This German manufactured safety razor comes neatly presented in a Merkur box with a sample Merkur Super Double Edge Razor Blade.

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