What better way to start the day than to shave with a beautifully crafted vintage Safety Razor or Shaving Brush that may be anything up to a century old.

It just goes to prove that the traditional way of doing things were undoubtedly the best as these items are still perfectly usable! We have a selection of Safety Razors and Brushes which we have picked up from all over the place and will happily make you an offer for any old vintage Safety Razor or Brush that you may have languishing in the loft.

Our choice of vintage items is always changing so be sure to bookmark this page if you are interested in these items and check back frequently. Just remember that generally speaking we will only ever have one of a particular item in stock so grab it quick before it’s gone!

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  • Gillette Trac II Demonstrator Razor

    Gillette Trac II Demonstrator Razor

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