Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (Pack of 10)


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Derby Extra blades are often a go to favourite in the shaving community because of their low cost and each of the blades you receive will give you many close comfortable shaves per side. They are great if you are just getting in to wet shaving, with a price low enough to be able to sample them properly, before deciding whether they are good enough for your regular rotation! Another reason is that they are actually quite forgiving compared to some of the other sharper blades we sell. This doesn’t mean that they are only for beginners, but actually it makes them a great choice for daily shaving and we have many experienced wet shavers who regularly take some of these blades.

Manufactured in Turkey using a 3 stage formula of Chronium, Ceramic and Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer coated edges, they are an extremely well regarded blade. These blades now come in packs of 10, and are no longer available in the older pack size of 5 blades. Each blade comes individually wrapped in parafin coated paper for protection.

It is illegal to sell Razor Blades to persons under the age of 18. By purchasing this product you confirm to us you are over 18.

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