Deluxe Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack


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Treat yourself or a loved one to a bit more variety in their shave! Blades are a very personal choice and often it can take a while before you find the blade(s) you are most comfortable with. You may even find that what was once your favourite blade in one razor, is no longer the case in a different razor.

Included in the Deluxe Blade Sample Pack:

1) 10 x Feather Stainless blades
2) 5 x Shark Super Stainless blades
3) 5 x Treet Platinum blades
4) 5 x Personna Platinum blades

We recommend that when trying each blade you come up with a figure in your head between 1-10 of how much you liked the blade, quickly jotting this down somewhere maybe with a few notes. This will make it far easier to compare after you’ve used them all.

We do of course sell each of these blades (as well as others) individually, so if you find one in particular you love you can continue to purchase that one only!

It is illegal to sell Razor Blades to persons under the age of 18. By purchasing this product you confirm to us you are over 18.

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Feather, Personna, Shark, Treet




Stainless Steel

Country of Origin

Egypt, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden




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