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Starter Merkur Shaving Gift Set

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The safety razor itself is the Merkur 15C which is a lightweight open comb safety razor, which is very easy to control. This 3 piece razor comes with a pack of 5 Astra superior platinum double edge razor blades to get started but will take any double edge blade from our website too.

The shaving brush in this set is the Omega 49 which will provide an excellent lather from the supplied Mitchell's wool fat shaving soap, giving a great close shave, especially for people with sensitive skin!

This set also includes a white drip stand, which ensures the brush dries properly between shaves, a professional alum block is also included to sooth the face after shaving as well as provide a boon of benefits to the skin, including helping to close your pores and a styptic pencil for those little nicks and cuts that are inevitable every once in a little while.

These products are presented in a wonderful wooden gift box, ideal for storage and travel.

All of this makes for one excellent present, whether it is for a Birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or indeed any occasion, make sure the man in your life gets a great shave!

Safety Razor Measurements:
Handle Size: 76mm.
Weight: 54g.

Note: All product sizes are measured to the nearest mm but please allow a margin of error of 1mm either way to the measurements shown.

Product Code: SRC41

1 Reviews: Average Rating - 5/5

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Product Reviews

Merkur entry level gift set - Wish I found out about this way of shaving from the very first time I shaved! Great!'
- 15/06/2013
I read about the Safety Razor Company in the Shields Gazette in an article about the company and how Eddie had bought it from a friend and was advancing it as a business and thought very interesting idea! Hope it works out well for him. I more recently read another article in the same paper leading up to Father"s Day in which Eddie described the benefits of using a traditional safety razor and how much better the shave was etc. With Father"s Day approaching and thinking what should I say I would like if asked I thought hmm I think I might give that a go, I"m sick of the disposables and the more ripping at the facial hair and the fact that they block so easily and nick so regularly as well as providing very few shaves before a new razor or blade is required. I thought why not what have I got to lose! Along side the article there was an add for the Merkur entry level gift set with a 10% off code so I thought bargain and decided to order it. Delivery was fast and efficient more to the fact that Eddie delivered it personally as I don"t live far from the company (even though, there"s not many people would do that! A great personable touch I thought). Saturday morning had a bit of a scruffy beard going on so thought can"t wait until Sunday for Father"s Day, I"m going to test it out now, and oh boy was it worth it! I was a bit worried at first thinking was I going to cut myself to ribbons but not a word of a lie it was the best shave I have ever had! Comfortable, no pulling at hairs, literally smooth as silk across the contours of your face with no nicking and rinses well, no clogging with hair. The shaving soap lathers up very easily with hardly any used and the alum block really does have a good effect to the skin (and I have sensitive skin so always go to watch what I put on it). As smooth as a babies bottom doesn"t even come near! I cannot recommend this shaving method and the actual gift set more highly. Try for yourself that"s all I can say. I will be recommending this to all my family and mates that"s for sure and if it does work out cheaper as Eddie states then even a greater bonus. Why this method of shaving went out of fashion I don"t know because the modern day disposables give nowhere near the standard of shave these do!
  (5/ 5)

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