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There is nothing more satisfying than making a lather from your favourite Shaving Soap / Cream using a high quality Shaving Brush. So why not treat yourself to a loyal Shaving Brush now, which will provide you with many years of service if treated properly (we recommend using a Drip Stand to prolong the life of your Shaving Brush).

Shaving Brushes come in Size 1, Size 2 and Size 3. Size 1 brushes are generally considered to be travel brushes as they are the smallest. Size 2 brushes are of a medium size ideal for personal use, while Size 3 brushes are larger than normal. Why not experiment with different sizes to see which one you get the best lather with?

For those of you new to using a Shaving Brush there are several types of hair used. The most commonly used hair type is Badger; This is because it has high water retention properties, and is very soft.

Even Badger hair however, can be separated into different grades of quality. In order from lowest to highest quality these are as follows; Pure Badger, Best Badger, Super Badger and finally Silvertip, the most expensive and rare type of Badger hair. All provide excellent soft lather's while shaving, and all beat rubbing Shaving Cream on your face with your hands by a long shot!

Aside from Badger hair, Boar hair is also used and sometimes preferred by those who don't want such a soft brush and prefer a bit of stiffness. Mixes of Badger and Boar do exist and are often a compromise of both soft and stiff properties, to appeal to Shaver's seeking a bit of both.

Finally we have synthetic nylon hair brushes, mainly aimed at vegan users or simply for those who may be allergic to Badger or Boar hair. These brushes are designed to match Badger hair in terms of water retention and softness, to ensure a great lather, without the hair (or the price!) that comes with a Badger Brush.

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