Vintage Razors – Great Shavers (Most of Them!)

Safety Razors have been manufactured since King Camp Gillette brought out his original in 1904, there have been many variations over the years such as double edge, single edge, self-stropping, Schick Injectors etc.

Most make great everyday shavers, but there are a few exceptions and things to look out for if you are looking for a vintage razor to use as a shaver. Some razors would make great shavers, but that the blades are just not available any longer.

Great Shavers:

Most Gillette Razors such as original open comb ‘old’ type, ‘new’ type, later 3 piece razors, Turn To Open (TTO) razors such as the Super Speed, Aristocrat, Slim Adjustable, Fat Boy Adjustable, Tech models and the many variations.

English Razors such as Eclipse Red Ring (my favorite razor), Velvet, Myatt, 7 Oclock, Souplex etc.

Single Edge Razors (more difficult to obtain blades but well worth trying) – Gem and nearly identical Ever-Ready, Schick Injector.

Best Avoided as Shavers:

Wardonia Razors – great razors BUT Ward brought out their own blades and used a different spacing on their razor head pegs – so conventional Double Edge (DE) blades will not fit a Wardonia.

Valet Autostrop – Blades that would be usable are almost impossible to obtain, also, razor design is over-complex.

Also, avoid heavily worn razors of all types unless they have been replated – if the plating of a razor is worn through to the under-lying brass, it will be almost impossible to keep clean and sterile.

There you have it, go seek out some great vintage razors and get shaving – clean and sterilise first though.

All of our vintage razors have been re-plated, or if in fine original condition have been ultraviolet then barbicide sterilised.

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