View the new selection of Parker Safety Razors

The name Parker has a solid reputation in the world of Safety Razor Shaving, so why is it that some people on Shaving Forums haven’t heard of them? To me it seems almost like Parker’s are a closely guarded secret of excellent shavers.

First established in 1979 they are still able to bring us wonderfully new Safety Razor designs today as they did back then, bringing originality to Safety Razors which let’s be honest can only differ so much from one another.

We here at have just began stocking a much wider range of Parker Safety Razors, from the aggressive 22R Antique Nickel Razor to the delightfully unusual 29L Unisex Razor. We have even began taking stock of two of their Shavette Razors, the Black Handled 33R and the All Metal 31R.

Currently we are offering all of our new stock at a very competitive price so why not check out the Parker range, perhaps treat your Movember-Participating husband to a well needed shave at the end of the month with a brand new Parker Safety Razor?

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