The Simpsons Shaving Brushes

Simpsons shaving brushes are considered to be the finest handmade shaving brushes in the world.

Originally named Simpsons Brushes and based in London. Simpsons first started to manufacture shaving brushes in 1919.  Alexander Simpson grew the award winning business and in 1924 it moved from the East End of London over to Clapham.  Later the company moved west and is now based in the Isle of Man.

The company is now owned by Vulfix and also offer the Vulfix range of shaving brushes.

The flagship Simpson brush is the Chubby – available in three sizes, 1, 2 and the huge 3 in Super and Best Badger hair and now in Synthetic Badger hair.

The Major Simpsons Shaving Brush

Simpsons Shaving Brushes – The Major

At the other end of the size range the tiny ‘Wee scot’ is ideal for travelling.

Initially designed for Himalayan explorer, Major Victor Beeching and named simply The Major, this ingenious travel shaving brush is a true work of art and is available in either Super or Best Badger hair. This brush screws into an open ended tube which both protects the brush and allows  it to dry.

Here is an original Major from the 1980s.

The Simpsons Berkeley 46 shaving brush has been an excellent seller since the 1920’s. The Berkeley is made with either Pure Badger or Best Badger hair.

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