Shaving Products The Benefits of Using Them?

Using a pre- shaving product such as shaving oils and shaving creams adds a further layer of protection to the skin. This is an optional step but a good step to include when new to traditional shaving.shaving product

Pre-shaving oils is a very popular pre- shaving product and also help to moisturise the skin.  Oil with a thinner consistency is a better choice as it won’t clog up the razor like thicker oil can.

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub palms together then gently massage evenly to the face and leave to sink in for 5 minutes before lathering.  Cream is also best left on for five minutes before shaving.

So if you are new to shaving we would recommend trying out some pre-shaving products prior to your shave.

Happy shaving and enjoy your shaving product!

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