Shavettes – An Introduction to Straight Razor Shaving.

Proraso-All-Metal-Shavette-RazorHave you ever wanted to try Straight Razor shaving but been too cautious to try it? Well perhaps the answer lies with a Shavette Razor.

Shavettes are made by a wide range of manufacturers including Proraso and we also have some own brand models here at The Safety Razor Company.

These handy little Razors provide an easy introduction into Straight Razor shaving but without any of the effort. With a Straight Razor you have to strop and hone to keep the quality up, but what more and more people are doing now is purchasing and getting used to a Shavette first, and then only when they feel comfortable using one – to buy their first straight, feeling safe in the knowledge they have prepared as best they can.

You can use a Shavette with any Single Edge Blade or even a Double Edge Blade snapped in half. I would suggest to use both methods to find out which you prefer before buying blades to practice with.

If you wish to purchase a Shavette Razor just take a look at the Shavette Section on our website. If you wish to know more simply Contact Us.