Shavette Straight Razors

A lot of guys are nervous of trying a Straight (Cut-throat) Razor but they aren’t as fearsome as they look so long as you treat them with respect.

Another element that tends to made the straight razor a very specialised razor is the fact that they need to be honed and stropped if they are to be usable.

The Shavette essentially does away with the stropping and honing as it uses half of a conventional double edge disposable blade and the blade is simply thrown away after 4 to 7 shaves.

We have just taken delivery of two models of Shavette – a White handle one, which is quite light in weight and a Black handle one which weighs about the same as an average conventional straight razor.

I’ve used a Shavette for a few months now and once you get the hang of shaving with one, you get a great shave.

I wouldn’t dispense with my Safety Razors, but a Shavette makes a really nice change at weekends.