Save Money Shaving by Sharpening Old Razor Blades!

As all of you shavers will know, Cartridge Blades are expensive, and they’re not getting any cheaper any time soon. But why should we be wasting our hard earned cash for a blade which will feel dull after only a few shaves? Put simply we have to.

If we were to keep on shaving to get the most for our money our faces would be red from irritation in no time. Well, no more, The Safety Razor Company has the answer with the RazorPit Teneo.

The RazorPit was invented as a way to help people like you and me get the most out of ridiculously overpriced Razor Blades. The reason these feel dull after far less shaves than we’d like is because they are full of the residue left after shaving such as skin cells, water and shaving cream (see picture). The product works by using friction to clean off this residue from the blade as well as sharpen it, leaving you with a blade that feels brand new.

What this means for us is that we can finally get a month or even more of service from just one blade! On average people save over £100 a year using the RazorPit but some save much more. Not bad for something which costs only £16.75, which you’ll quickly recoup!

If you want to purchase this product for use with a Safety Razor and Double Edge blades we advise you to read our full product description which gives comprehensive details on how to use this product to sharpen double edge blades (You can’t do it when it’s in the Safety Razor!).

Although Double Edge blades are just a fraction of the cost of cartridge blades (Another reason to get a Safety Razor!) you’ll still find yourself saving with the use of the RazorPit.