Proraso Still Ahead of the Competition 80 Years On!

For those of you who know about Proraso, and we hope you do, their one of our favourite Shaving Cream manufacturers! You will know that they have been around for a good while now, since the 1930’s in fact. During this time they have built up an unparalleled reputation as the top name in Shaving Cream.

Now of course Proraso always suited their classic green image (see above photo) but let’s be honest and say that the new packaging looks very original and stylish. Its refreshing that a brand which has been around so long can revamp themselves and come out with such a modern and stylish look – still clearly leading the competition.

We have recently acquired three variations of Proraso Shaving Cream which bear the new look; the original, with Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol, as well as the Sandalwood Oil & Shea Butter and Aloe & Vitamin E varieties.

To get your hands on these fantastic products (Which are sometimes referred to simply as Proraso Green, Red or Blue) just visit our online shop at You can also view the rest of our Proraso Range here too, just in case you want some Aftershave Cream to go along with your new Shaving Cream!