Proraso SFDR, on the Cutting Edge, and on Offer!

With the launch of the new site, one range of products we have added is the wonderful Proraso SFDR Range. The Proraso Sul Filo Del Rasoio roughly translates into “on the cutting edge”, and believe me these products are on the cutting edge of shaving care!

Within the range we have a Glycerin Cleansing Bar, which is formulated to prepare your face for shaving, creating a lather that gently but thoroughly cleanses your skin.

Next we have the Shaving Gel, which provides excellent lubrication while shaving without being sticky or heavy on your face, and as this gel stays transparent it allows you to actually see where your shaving which is often something you don’t get to experience as you are faced with white foam.

We then have Aftershave Cream which effectively and quickly soothes any irritation you may have, whilst it’s vitamin rich formula helps to keep skin protected long after your shave.

The Razor Burn Repair is an essential for those of you with sensitive skin who experience a burning sensation or irritation after shaving, proving immediate comfort whilst being cool and refreshing on your skin.

For those of you who want to try the range there is also an ideal starter kit (pictured above), to let you experience what the SFDR range is capable of, without paying the full price!

Speaking of prices, we forgot to mention… this entire range is on offer! So grab yourself a bargain today and try the Proraso SFDR Range, and join the cutting edge of Shaving Care!