Professional Wetshave Virgin Aged 49 ¾

It never entered my head to get a Professional Wetshave by another person before. Maybe I have watched Sweeney Todd too many times and the thought of someone standing over me with a cut throat razor was too vivid in my mind.

It seems as though I have been shaving forever. Alternating between Electric Razors, Bics, Fusions and other blade types. Like many men it was just a chore that you had to do and get over with as soon as possible. Maybe it is just a sign of getting older, but I realised that life is just moving on so fast these days. I seem to be working 25 hours a day and 8 days a week mainly worry about other people. I need to slow things down.

So recently I decided that I would learn how to wet shave properly, the old fashioned way, using a traditional Double Edge Razor and Badger Hair Brush. I have banished the aerosol gunge and am now trialling different soaps, creams and oils. Living in a house with 3 women, all the cabinets seem to be full of fancy perfumes, sometimes I think we should set up a shop to rival Fenwicks. I am currently trialling Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap, from my home town of Bradford, as well as Bluebeards Shave Oil in my search for the holy grail of the perfect close shave.

After a couple of months of persevering I have now got reasonably proficient. In my research I came across Iain at the Village Barber, watched his videos on his website about how to wet shave properly and was impressed by his 30 year experience as a Barber. I realised his Barbershop was not far away so I thought I would get the first hand treatment.

I have to say I was not disappointed. The whole experience from start to finish was a treat. Started with a facial massage, followed by hot towels, massaging in a pre-shave, followed by a lathering with the requisite Badger Hair Brush. Then the delicate process of shaving began. It seemed as though each hair was being removed one by one. The whole process took about 40 minutes because in my case it came with a running commentary and explanation of each and every process. Iain Kane is certainly a master shaver. He has also recently launched his own range of Shave Oil and Balm which I will be trialling over the next week or so.

The whole experience was enlightening, entertaining and relaxing all at the same time. I would recommend that if you are a Professional Wet Shave Virgin like I was and you live close enough to Durham then you should look no further than the Village Barber to have your first “Proper” Shave and don’t wait until you are 49 and 3/4!


The Village Barber Oil, ideal for a professional wetshave

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