It's been a while, Pick up that Safety Razor!

To all of our readers – we haven’t forgotten about you!

It has been quite some time since we last posted but regular blogs are once again underway here at The Safety Razor Company!

The move to the new building was a little while ago now and we are well and truly settled into our new home. There are going to be lots of exciting new products added to our website over the next week so be sure to check it frequently and we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

If you haven’t tried Safety Razor shaving yet we will have some brand new gift sets on the way featuring some of our favourite products. Or if you’d rather not pay for a gift set why not get started with one of our fantastic value own brand Safety Razors and a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack?

Or if you’re already a shaving enthusiast be sure to look at our new stock of Vintage Safety Razors. It’s always nice to shave with a piece of history, and you may find we have a birth year razor for you too. Either way a vintage razor makes for a great shaving experience which you won’t soon forget, and it makes for a great item to hand down to your children also.