What Makes Omega Shaving Brushes Renowned Worldwide

Omega shaving brushesItalian leading brush manufacturer Omega have been making paint brushes, rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes in bristle, badger and synthetic fibres since 1946. These shaving brushes are renowned worldwide as well as throughout Italy for their exceptional ability to lather.

Omegas boar hair brushes are the preferred brush by Italian barbers as they have a much stiffer and firmer feel bristle which gives them the ability to agitate the soap surface so well. The bristles do soften after a few weeks of use and become more broken in.  These brushes come at an excellent and very affordable price.

The Omega badger hair shaving brushes make a fantastic dense lather and have a much softer luxurious feel which is reflected in the price.  They make a nice upgrade to a shaving kit as a treat or gift idea.

Either can be used along with the Omega classic shaving soap or cream and topped off with Omega aftershave balm to really enhance any shaving experience.

An Omega brush is a lovely treat for any man!

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