New Website about to be Launched!

You may have thought we were all just sitting back here and letting our beards grow long, no such luck!  We have been busy behind the scenes redesigning the website. We have been working on an admin system that will streamline our stock control and order management.

The original Safety Razors was founded by its previous owner Dave to fund his hobby of Re-Plating and Restoring Vintage Razors. As time went on he found more of his time was spent on picking, packing and posting all of the other shaving accessories he began to stock along the way.

I bought the company for two reasons; one I really love the products, and two, because I already run a successful E-commerce Enterprise so I felt comfortable that not only could we expand on the great service that Dave had given, but we could also improve it.

Dave is still closely involved but he is now concentrating on his own day job business and the Re-plating as his form of relaxation and hobby.

We will continue to offer a Restoration Service, but we will also be looking to build stronger relationships with existing and new suppliers.