Safety Razor Gift Sets!

Safety Razor Premium Merkur Gift Set

Safety Razor Premium Merkur Gift Set

Whether you are new to the world of Safety Razor shaving or an expert on all things to do with Wet Shaving, we have a range of new gift set’s to suit your taste.

We have two new starter sets; one containing our own branded HD (Heavy Duty) Safety Razor and the other containing the Merkur 23C Lightweight Safety Razor. Apart from the Safety Razor the rest of these two kits is the same containing a pack of Astra Double Edge Blades, an Arko Turkish Shaving Stick, A Boar Hair Shaving Brush and A Styptic Pencil. Both of these set’s come in a lovely wooden presentation box so they are ideal as a gift, especially for someone who has never used a Safety Razor before.

Then we have our two new premium sets. The first of these sets contains The Bluebeards Revenge’s Scimitar Safety Razor, whereas the second contains the Merkur Progress adjustable Safety Razor (Short Handle Version). Both of these premium sets include a pack of Merkur Double Edge Blades, an Arko Turkish Shaving Stick, a Silvertip Shaving Brush including white acrylic Drip Stand, an Alum Block, a Styptic Pencil and a tub of Aftershave Cream from the Handmade Soap Company. Oh and both of these sets come in the lovely wooden presentation box too!

Now obviously the two premium sets cost substantially more than than the starter sets, but once you’ve mastered your Safety Razor shaving technique, why not move onto something with more quality? Make Shaving a routine you enjoy, and not just a chore, so shave with a Safety Razor today.

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