Movember Movember The 5th of Movember

Here’s an image pre-moustache

Decided that this year being my 50th year I would do a couple of things for charity. Growing a moustache is not likely to be classed as an extreme sport any day yet, but hey it’s a start.

My motivations are I wanted to do something in memory of my Father, who passed away a few months back and I also wanted to bring back memories of my youth when I needed the trusty ‘tache to make me look old enough to get served in pubs.

I am not really into asking for money because in this day and age there are so many charity collections. I intend to donate 10% of whatever sales the SafetyRazor website generates in Movember, however if any of you do feel that you want to make a donation then look me up on the Movember Website

If you know someone in your life making a difference by growing a moustache then why not treat him to a nice present at the end of the month. Maybe a nice soothing shaving oil.

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