Leather Bound Shaving Kits

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve been collecting leather bound shaving kits, these kits really are items of beauty and functionality.

I can’t understand why many are in mint condition and have never been used. Maybe the original owner thought his kit (possibly given as a present) was too good to use. This is a real shame in one respect as they really make great kits for traveling, it also means though that there are some fantastic examples to be found now – often 60 years after the kit was made.

I’ve added some new items to the kits such as a Simpson’s Pure Badger Travel sized brush, new blades and a soap stick to make the kit a practical travel set for today’s shaver, but other than this, all other items including the razor in many cases, are as great today as it was when made.

One of these kits will last a lifetime, if cared for and could be passed on to a son, but if you purchase one please use it, after all this is why it was made!

Gentleman’s Vintage Safety Razor Shaving Kits