Learn to Really Shave!

Razor Burn Means Somethings Wrong!

It wasn’t too long ago now that Eddie had his first professional wet shave at the Village Barber. In the weeks that followed we all got talking in the office about who had tried a professional shave, what they thought of it and how it compared to their home shave.

Personally, it got me thinking about why, if such a high quality of shaving exists out there, aren’t people trying to re-create this at home? Using a Safety Razor or even a Shavette or Straight Razor.

I think that every man should put aside an extra 10 minutes in the morning to genuinely enjoy shaving and perhaps more importantly to get a quality shave, with no irritation!

I’ve read on forums such as Badger & Blade of people trying to master the craft of wet shaving. Some people compare it to their Mach3 after shave one but I don’t really think this is how you should compare. Safety Razor shaving and to even more of an extent Shavette or Straight Razor shaving is a skill which has to be learned – you won’t master it straight away.

Saying this however, it is fair to say that someone who has thoroughly researched into wet shaving, and uses the right products for their skin type, can easily get a better shave than a disposable from shave one. Any irritation at all generally means that your doing something wrong when shaving (unless it’s perhaps an allergic reaction to the product your using), and as such will stop when you learn how to wet shave “properly”.

If your thinking about beginning to wet shave, we suggest you look at the video tutorials that the Village Barber has provided. Of course, we would also recommend that, like Eddie before you, you get a professional shave at least once! You will find Iain to be very knowledgeable and skilled in his trade so where better to try than The Village Barber!