Horse Hair Shaving Brushes – Want To Know More About Them?

Horse hair shaving brushes have recently started to make a comeback in the market after a drop in popularity during World War 1 when there was an Anthrax scare.

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

These shaving brushes are becoming popular again alongside other synthetic shaving brushes.  Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes are considered very favourably by seasoned wet shavers who describe them as between badger and boar in texture.  Horse hair shaving brushes have the ability to create and hold a generous lather with shaving cream or soap. This along with their very affordable price makes them a very attractive purchase.

These high quality natural hair shaving brushes are carefully manufactured by hand by Spanish based Vie-Long.  The company have specialised in manufacturing make up and shaving brushes since 1940, which makes them true leaders in their field.

In their pure form the brushes are ‘animal friendly’ as the hair is cut from the mane or tail ensuring that no harm comes to the horse.  The brushes are also available in a mixed bristle – pure and badger.

See more about Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes here.

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