Healing Gel vs. Styptics

Proraso Healing Gel (10ml) Alternative ImageToday I was looking through our website and got curious about the differences between different types of Styptics and the much newer contender, Healing Gels. I think the problem people may have with switching between the two is that they do not know much, if anything, about Healing Gels and have been using Styptics for too long that they are well and truly settled in their ways.

I know personally I would not like the idea of applying a gel to my face on a nick or cut. The very mention of the word gel makes me think of something sticky and quite frankly a sticky gel would be very unpleasant to have to deal with if I still had Shaving Cream applied and was only half way through Shaving. I imagine this to be the reason for most people sticking with Styptics, a nice dry solution.

When I’ve dug a little deeper however, Healing Gels start to seem more and more appealing… and let me tell you just why I think that is.

To start with is the aspect I was most dubious about. Applying a gel when I still had shaving cream on my face seemed a little silly to me, like I’ve said above I imagined it to be sticky and get in the way of the rest of my shave. This however, is pleasantly not the case.

Using Proraso’s Healing Gel as an example, the application only requires a tiny amount to close any small nick, and what’s wonderful is that it isn’t sticky as you might imagine. What it also means is that you can continue shaving after it’s applied, just allowing the gel to work it’s magic. This is in contrast to using a Styptic Pencil or Match where you have to use your hand to press against your face until bleeding stops.

The other aspect I really like about Healing Gels is the price. Costing roughly twice what a set of Styptic Matches would, they are guaranteed to last a lot longer than quite a few sets of matches, considering that matches should only hygienically be used with one application per match.

So I’m convinced, I think I’ll be using Healing Gels from now on. It also does solve the annoying problem of coming to find Styptic Match heads somehow mysteriously snapped off from the match itself, making it very hard to use!

If you would like to try out Proraso’s Healing Gel like me, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Of course if you do need any Styptics we have them too but why not give something new a try!