Have You Had a Baby Boy?

Merkur Progress Safety Razor Image

If the answer is yes and you have had a baby boy within the last year or even the last few – then listen to this.

It is not uncommon for someone to seek a birth year vintage razor to either use in their weekly rotation or simply to keep as a collectable or as something to pass down through the family.

It is becoming more and more popular however, to purchase a Safety Razor when you have a new baby boy, and then give it to them as a present for their 18th or 21st birthday. Typically it would be a gift from the father – as a kind of “welcome to manhood”, but would still be an equally lovely and unique gift from a mother or any other relative for that matter.

The reasoning behind posting about this came from reading an article on a shaving forum which was between new dad’s who had been discussing which Safety Razor to buy for their child. In the end it seemed that quite a few had settled with the Merkur Progress Safety Razor.

Their reason for doing so was not primarily based upon the quality of the Safety Razor (Although we have to say it’s a very high quality model!) but more of the gesture associated with the name of the model – the “Progress”. The Idea behind giving this as a gift when their baby boy turns 18, about the progress he has made through life – what a lovely idea.

If there are any new dads out there reading this why not do the same and purchase a Merkur Progress Safety Razor today.