Happy New Year Fellow Wet Shavers!


Carefully shaving around the Movember moustache

We have had a great first year with this new business venture. Made some new friends in the Shaving industry and although I would have liked to be further into our plan I have to say that I’m quite satisfied to be where we are today.

The picture above was taken at the end of Movember. It was a last minute decision to join a local group of guys to form a team called the Brothers of Boldon. It was also about 30 years since I last sported a “blacker and more bushier” Moustache, needed primarily to make me look old enough to get served in pubs. We raised about £600 and hopefully we will come back next year with a bigger team and a more concerted effort.

I am proud to say that we also start the year being short-listed in a local Dragons Den Business Accelerators competition, pitching against a lady called Gill Beard. Local story headline read Bathroom Queen battles Shaving King. Reckon its going to be a pretty close shave for someone. Winner gets some local advertising and the opportunity to go through to the next round.

Will keep you all posted.