Gem Safety Razor

The Gem safety razor and blades are exceptional quality, original Gem blades are made of stainless steel, which means they are sharper!

A bit of history – Jerry Reichard opened The Gem Safety Company in 1898, after working the Kampfe Brother’s at Star Razor for 23 years, The first product was the Gem safety razor and became one of the world’s most famous razor and blades ever to be made.

Gem Single Edge Blades and Vintage Razors

Gem Single Edge Blades and Vintage Razors

The company eventually merged with two other companies and is known today as The American Safety Razor Company.

Many people dismiss the Gem safety
Razor (as well as the near identical Ever-Ready) as not being serious shaving razors, whereas the reverse is true,  they provide a fantastic shave when used with
the right blade.

Where the poor reputation stems is often from users trying to shave with ‘Craft Blades’ these blades look identical to shaving grade single edge blades, but the edge is not sufficiently sharp enough to shave with.

Used with a good quality blade, the Gem-type single edge razors are outstanding both in terms of shave and their very art-deco look.

The Gem safety razor and blades make a great piece of shaving kit.