Fathers Day is just around the corner!

Wooden Presentation Box

The 17th of June is only a few weeks away people, so why not treat Dad to a brand new Safety Razor Gift Set!

Not only will you completely change the way your dad shaves, but you’ll also save him a small fortune. This is because instead of buying “disposable” razor heads for his 3/4/5 blade razor, he would be the proud owner of a quality Dual Edge Safety Razor which will last him a lifetime. These then use more cost effective and cost saving double edge razor blades.

With the day so close, we have specially prepared an entry level Safety Razor Gift Set to save you all the hassle of comparing different razors, blades and soaps etc. as we have done all of the hard work for you.

The set contains our own branded HD Safety Razor (HD stands for Heavy duty, meaning because it is more weighty it is easier to use for beginners), along with a pack of 5 Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge razor blades to get you started.

Next we have our own Boar hair shaving brush, partnered with a tub of Proraso shaving soap, a match made in heaven to give you the perfect shaving lather, even on sensitive skin.

Finally in the set we have a styptic pencil for those occasional little nicks and cuts. To top it all of this all comes in a wonderful little wooden presentation box which will add a very nice touch for Fathers day, and can be used for Storage purposes too!

Forget the Socks and Slippers, this is a useful present that your Dad will love and use for years and years to come.