Dry Your Shaving Brush Properly.

Vulfix Tortoise Shell Shaving Brush Drip Stand Image
Have you ever went to have a shave only then to realise instead of having a nice dry Shaving Brush to produce a luxurious lather with, you’re left with something wet, clumpy and generally unpleasant? If you answered yes then perhaps it’s time you invested in a Shaving Brush Stand.

When buying your kit you may have overlooked a stand for your Shaving Brush, but think about it – you have paid anywhere from £10 – £100+ for your favourite Brush, so why not take good care of it?

Shaving Brush “Drip” Stands always hold the brush upside down, allowing gravity to do it’s work and “drip” the brush dry. What this does is it allows your brush to dry thoroughly and properly, leaving you with no nasty surprises when you next come to shave. Doing this means you will prolong the life of your Brush, getting your moneys worth!

Here at the Safety Razor Company we have recently widened the range of Shaving Brush Drip Stands we supply, so we’re sure we’ll have one to suit you and your kit. For under £5 you can’t go wrong, considering it may provide your Shaving Brush a few years extra service.