Do You Use Alum Blocks?

45g Shavex Professional Alum Block ImageAlum, also known as Potassium Alum, has been used as a shaving aid for centuries. Surprisingly however, some men today don’t even know of it, or certainly not the benefits it can bring to your daily shave.

You may be thinking “Oh here comes another costly addition to my shaving kit” but we think that an Alum Block should be thought of as a necessity rather than an additional extra.

You see, the application of a moistened Alum Block after shaving will not only provide instant relief of razor burn, but it will also cure any minor nicks as well as help to close your open pores (Alum is a well known astringent). This leaves behind skin which is smooth, even and best of all is irritation free.

The best part is that an Alum Block can be used for other reasons than just as a shaving aid, such as a natural Deodorant or even just to keep as a handy Antiseptic tool.

Plenty of Alum Blocks exist on the shaving market and the truth is that any product containing Alum will be a boon for the skin. Some products however, contain Alum along with a whole other host of things, which we don’t really like the idea of here at The Safety Razor Company.

We believe that Alum works best alone, which is why after carefully looking at all of the options out there, we have decided to stock the Shavex 100% natural Alum Block.

We stock two different sizes, 45g and 125g, both of which come with a plastic storage box. We hope we have convinced you to join the ever-growing side of shavers who use these incredible products, but to understand the benefits you really do need to try it for yourself!