Can't decide on the right blade?

Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack Image

If you ask any Safety Razor shaver what their favourite double edge blade is, chances are they won’t give you a straight answer, as they will probably have more than one which they enjoy shaving with, especially if they use multiple razors in a rotation.

The reason for this is that while one blade may work for others, all that matters is finding a blade that suits you. This is made difficult by the fact that some will be better off paired with certain razors. It may give you a great shave from one, but an awful shave from another.

So to help you out a bit with finding a blade to suit you we have created a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack which contains 5 blades from each Astra, Derby, Wilkinson, Gillette and Bolzano, for a cheaper price than buying them individually.

After all, no one wants to buy 100’s of a certain blade to find out that it isn’t right for them, and similarly no one wants to do the same thing with even their favourite, to find out it just doesn’t work as a combination in their new safety razor.

So be smart and sample blades, you’ll be glad you did.