Birthday Razors – A Lifetime of Usefulness

Shaving the old fashioned way using traditional Double Edge Razors is an art that is finding its way back into popularity for many reasons.

Speaking to a number of customers I found that Vintage Razors evoke memories of their Fathers and Grandfathers and how wonderful it was the be able to pick up a piece of equipment that is as good today as it was when it was first made.

That is why they also make such great presents. We have had fathers buying Razors on the day their sons are born to keep to give to as presents for 18th or 21st birthdays, as well as wives looking for razors made in a particular year to give to their husbands to celebrate birthdays. We have also had collectors who just want to collect razors from their favourite year.

To help you on your way of finding Safety Razors from a particular year, we have added a function to sort our stock of Vintage Razors by year, to help you find the one your after.

Whatever the reason in this throw-away age what can you buy that is so useful, gives a lifetime of use and then can be left as a legacy?

Here is a Vintage Gillette Old Type Ball End Handle made in the 1920s and lovingly replated by Dave Glynn at Restored Razors.

Gillette Old Type Ball End Handle 1920s (Re-plated)