Alum Block – Is It a Necessary Part of the Shaving Experience?

Alum block, also known as Potassium Alum, has been used as part of the wet shaving experience for centuries.

As a well-known astringent its properties instantly relieve any razor burn, and stops any minor cuts and nicks that may have happened during the main part of the shave. Alum block closes the skins pores leaving it smooth, feeling tight and clean and free from irritation which makes a wonderful end to the shave.

Alum BlockAlum block’s antibacterial properties make it suitable as a deodorant and it is also commonly marketed as a deodorant crystal. So it can also double up for this purpose.

It is really easy to use – After shaving give the face a rinse with cold water, then run some cold water over the alum block and then rub the block over the face and neck.  Leave it for a minute and then rinse the face again and pat dry with a towel.  Apply aftershave if required.

A styptic pencil is a different tool that specifically and directly seals cuts and stops bleeding.

Alum block is one of those things that you have to try in order to appreciate.

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Happy shaving
Eddie and the team!