Additional Shaver Repair Service

This particular website is committed to furthering the cause of Traditional Wet Shaving and the use of soaps and brushes in favour of the chemical shaving lubricant normally dispensed from in those non eco friendly aerosol spray cans. Soaps are probably better you and cause less material to end up in the land fill. Wet shaving takes more time and care and I know that some of us still use the Rechargeable Shavers as a quick fix at times, so I wanted to point out another service that we offer. It is a service that almost won us an award for our efforts in keeping old products out of Landfill.

We offer a service that enables people to get a few more years out of their favourite rechargeable shaver. We offer a range of rechargeable shaver batteries to suit many of the more popular brands out in th market place.

Changing the battery in this type of battery is relatively straight forward if you are handy with a soldering item and have a little knowledge of electrical repair.

Let me give you a word of caution, whilst the battery may be one reason for the failure of your rechargeable shaver ,it is by no means the only reason. Sometimes it could be a dry joint or the failure of another component. It with that in mind that I now very happy to recommend the services of another friend of mine Steve of the Shaver Centre in Stoke on Trent. Steve offers repair service for most of the major models on a no fix no fee basis, he stocks a wide range of spares and is able to repair most faults.

Check his website for details.

Below is an image of battery cps533 Used in the Philishave Coolskin