A BBS Shave and Other Un-Official Standards!


It was when I was on a forum the other week that I first came across the term “BBS Shave”. It seemed to me at first that it was just a term used to describe an excellent shave, but as it turns out there are a range of acronyms, albeit the others are less used, that people use to describe the quality of their shave.

Firstly there is an “SAS” or “Socially Acceptable Shave”. The term isn’t used too frequently I imagine because people are getting a higher quality of shaving than this when using a Safety Razor. Maybe this is the level of shave you would achieve with a disposable Bic razor?

Next there is the term “CCS” or “Close Comfortable Shave”. This is supposed to be just a slightly lower quality shave than our next term, a “DFS”. This quality of shave would be easily achievable with a Safety Razor or Straight Razor, but would probably be the cap on how good of a shave you could get with a Cartridge razor such as a Mach3.

Only a slightly higher quality of shave than a “CCS” is a “DFS” or “Damn Fine Shave”. Perhaps a little bit off from a “BBS Shave”, the vast majority of people would be very proud from getting a “DFS” daily but you will still know that you haven’t achieved the perfect shave, that “BBS Shave”.

Finally we have the highest quality of them all, the “BBS Shave” or “Baby Butt Smooth Shave”. It’s definition is often different depending on where you read it, but generally this is a completely smooth shave. One description I particularly liked was that you have only achieved a “BBS Shave” when you can take your finger and rub it along your face in any direction and not feel the slightest catch of hair. With a “CCS” or a “DFS” one might be able to do this and not feel a catch in a few directions, but a “BBS Shave” is when you are able to do it in any direction, in any place you have shaved.

It is worth mentioning that some people believe that down to the way their hair grows in or for whatever reason, that they are not able to achieve a “BBS Shave”. I know for a fact that I have never achieved one, but I put this down to lack of skill other than any thing else!

Have you ever had a BBS Shave? let us know in the comments! I imagine Eddie got one when he had his professional shave, but It’s a bit too late to test for it now!