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The Power of Twitter and The Village Barber!

Here is the story – while browsing around on Twitter I came across ‘The Village Barber’ – as the name suggests Iain is indeed a village barber and as it turned out was based not too far from us, so I decided to make a connection.   We met up and as Iain had launched his own brand of shaving oil and balm I just had to try them.  To cut a long story short I liked them so much that I decided to stock them in our online shop as they worked really well alongside our Travel Razor Set. If you have tried them we would love to hear your feedback, perhaps in a review or on our Facebook page.

The Village Barber Chess Set

The Village Barber Chess Set

Whether you are still due to jet off somewhere and take that well-earned holiday or regularly work away from home, a travel size shaving kit certainly comes in handy – and makes a rather nice gift idea too!

This is a great example of the power of Twitter! You just never know who you are going to meet!

As an incentive we are offering a 10% discount off these along with other any products on our website, just use promotional code travel10 at the checkout. This is available until the end of September 14.

I am also a lover of chess and we have a huge chess board at the office – The Village Barber products have come in very useful!


Happy shaving!
Eddie & the team

Getting Close and Personal with the Power of Twitter

A couple of weeks ago I was idly listening to radio 5 live “Fighting Talk” and checking my Twitter timeline and came across the #Gbizcomp. I always like a challenge a so I tweeted a comment and was amazed to hear a week later that I had been chosen as winner. The prize was to get a Professional piece of PR written by Georgina. This would be then placed on great Blog and tweeted to 1000s of readers. This is the PR story.

@GemWriting discovers how an American entrepreneur inspired #GBizComp winner Eddie Czestochowski

Congratulations to Eddie Czestochowski of @Safety_Razors who won last month’s #GBizComp with this tweet:

“I loved the shavers so much that I bought the company. It’s an old story but I’m really banking on history repeating itself”.

Eddie’s tweet intrigued us. And if you remember those Remington Shaver adverts from the 1980s you’ll know why. American entrepreneur Victor Kiam endorsed his own products and became a household name with the catchphrase “I liked the razor so much, I brought the company”.

So what does this have in common with Eddie’s Safety Razor story? Well we found out. What’s more we discovered some interesting background along the way.

How did you come to buy Safety Razors.co.uk?

About 3-years ago I hired a web designer for my existing company. He got the job after showing me his SEO results for a traditional wet shaver website he’d created to showcase his skills.

Back then he ran www.safetyrazors.co.uk as a hobby so it was fairly low key. However I was seriously impressed by the site’s potential, whilst the quality products inspired me to do a “Victor Kiam”.

“If you ever feel you want to sell this company, please give me first refusal”.

Finally in late October 2011 my patience paid off and ownership passed to me. I’ve since tweaked the name to The Safety Razor Company Ltd. What’s more I’m currently liaising with suppliers and working out how to improve the overall look and feel of the website.

What did you like about Safety Razor products?

“I’m fascinated by the engineering and beauty that can be found in everyday items like our traditional razors and shaving brushes”. 

I enjoy starting my day with a traditional wet shave. It’s strangely relaxing and therapeutic whilst the routine is very masculine! There’s something very personal about brushing on fine quality shaving foam then sweeping it off my skin with a beautiful sturdy razor. And I just love the smooth finish of a really close shave.

“Wet shaving is an art that has to be learned”.

What’s more there are cosmetic benefits too. I’ve found wet shaving coupled with quality soaps and creams minimises the risk of ingrowing hairs and reduces skin problems. Traditional shaving helps me do my bit for the environment. Old fashioned shaving soaps and creams don’t require aerosols and as the actual blade is the only disposable component, there’s no adding to landfill with cheap plastic razors.

What are your plans for The Safety Razor Company Ltd?

Firstly I’m in no rush. I’ve got the embryo of a fantastic company so I’m keen to get it right.

Watch this space…”

I need to develop the brand. I think we offer top quality products that appeal to anyone who enjoys a bit of class. I need to somehow capture that. Then there’s the gift market. There’s no doubt traditional shaving kits make great presents meaning there’s plenty of potential to explore there.

“Perhaps most importantly given the current economic climate, I want to create some decent jobs for local people up here in the North East”.

Tell us about the face behind @safety_razors…

I guess you could call me the entrepreneur. I have a passion for business and I’ve already achieved success with www.cellpacksolutions.com. I started that company from scratch and I now employ 20 people. It is very satisfying making a contribution to the local job market, and my great team have made Cell Pack Solutions multi-award winning.

In my personal life I’m 49 and married with two girls. My parents immigrated to the UK after World War 2. Dad arrived from Poland and Mum’s Italian. They met and married in the 1950s. I guess it’s partly this cultural heritage that instilled my work ethic.

“I value hard work and enthusiasm. After all with that attitude you can achieve whatever your dreams are”.

I love challenges and I’m never happy just sitting back. This belief inspired my recent trek to the base camp of Mount Everest. The highlight was reaching the top of Mt Kala Patthar. The view of Everest, the crystal clear skies and the vast expanse of the Himalayas stretching out in all directions was pure exhilaration.

Good luck Eddie. 

We look forward to the emergence of The Safety Razor Company Ltd as a premier destination for fine traditional shaving products. And given Eddie’s drive and commitment, we’re sure here’ll achieve his goals.

In the meantime if you’re looking for something different for the man in your life this Christmas check out the unique selection of shavers and starter kits at www.safetyrazors.co.uk

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Thanks for reading and thanks to Georgina for tuning my words into a story that flows — oh and thanks to Victor Kiam!