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Take Care of Your Facial Hair!

Proraso Beard / Moustache Care Group Shot ImageHere at The Safety Razor Company we believe that if you are going to keep a Beard and / or a Moustache, then at least make sure you care for it as you would your skin when shaving. We have recently acquired some products to help you out, manufactured by the wonderful Proraso.

To start with there is a Moustache Wax. This soft, pliable wax can be used to style and re-style your Moustache time and time again, to suit however you fancy wearing it.

We then have a Beard Oil, which is perfect for softening and protecting those slightly longer beards. Alongside this oil we have also stocked a Hot Beard Oil Treatment. These 4x 17ml treatments will nourish and repair even the wiriest beard, assiting in a healthy beard growth without breakage.

Finally we have a Beard Balm, which is formulated to ease the discomfort that often comes with the first few weeks of new beard growth, softening and soothing your hair as it grows.

So there you have it, some fantastic products to help you on your way to the Beard and Moustache you’ve always wanted. If you do ever fancy a shave – you know we’ll be here to supply you a razor, but in the mean time, look after your facial hair!