Horse Hair Shaving Brushes – Want To Know More About Them?

Horse hair shaving brushes have recently started to make a comeback in the market after a drop in popularity during World War 1 when there was an Anthrax scare.

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

These shaving brushes are becoming popular again alongside other synthetic shaving brushes.  Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes are considered very favourably by seasoned wet shavers who describe them as between badger and boar in texture.  Horse hair shaving brushes have the ability to create and hold a generous lather with shaving cream or soap. This along with their very affordable price makes them a very attractive purchase.

These high quality natural hair shaving brushes are carefully manufactured by hand by Spanish based Vie-Long.  The company have specialised in manufacturing make up and shaving brushes since 1940, which makes them true leaders in their field.

In their pure form the brushes are ‘animal friendly’ as the hair is cut from the mane or tail ensuring that no harm comes to the horse.  The brushes are also available in a mixed bristle – pure and badger.

See more about Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes here.

Happy shaving

Eddie and the team

What Makes Omega Shaving Brushes Renowned Worldwide

Omega shaving brushesItalian leading brush manufacturer Omega have been making paint brushes, rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes in bristle, badger and synthetic fibres since 1946. These shaving brushes are renowned worldwide as well as throughout Italy for their exceptional ability to lather.

Omegas boar hair brushes are the preferred brush by Italian barbers as they have a much stiffer and firmer feel bristle which gives them the ability to agitate the soap surface so well. The bristles do soften after a few weeks of use and become more broken in.  These brushes come at an excellent and very affordable price.

The Omega badger hair shaving brushes make a fantastic dense lather and have a much softer luxurious feel which is reflected in the price.  They make a nice upgrade to a shaving kit as a treat or gift idea.

Either can be used along with the Omega classic shaving soap or cream and topped off with Omega aftershave balm to really enhance any shaving experience.

An Omega brush is a lovely treat for any man!

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Feather Razor Blades

Feather BladesThe Japanese Feather razor blades are the sharpest I’ve come across! Some might say that they are too sharp – if there is such a thing? If you have tried them we would love to hear what you think of them? The Feather Safety Razor Company originally began as Japan Safety Razor Company.  The company is rumoured to have been founded in by two German World War 1 Prisoners Of War who decided to stay in Japan after their release in 1932 although the official founder and CEO was Toshio Kosaka. As Feather were early to market with their quality products, they became leaders in the Japanese razor market.  That is until Schick came to market with the Personna razor in 1965.  By the 1970’s and 1980’s their market share had fallen so far that it was very difficult for them to recover. They now concentrate on providing professional tools and now dominate this market space.

With regards these blades and any other, it depends on the razor too.  Some users find that Feather razor blades in an aggressive razor such as a vintage Gillette Red Tip are too severe (sharp) whilst in a less aggressive razor such as a vintage Gillette Blue Tip they are fine.  Other users swear by Feather blades in any razor.  It’s all a matter of personal choice and experience.

Click here to see the Feather razor blades and safety Razors

Can't decide on the right blade?

Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack Image

If you ask any Safety Razor shaver what their favourite double edge blade is, chances are they won’t give you a straight answer, as they will probably have more than one which they enjoy shaving with, especially if they use multiple razors in a rotation.

The reason for this is that while one blade may work for others, all that matters is finding a blade that suits you. This is made difficult by the fact that some will be better off paired with certain razors. It may give you a great shave from one, but an awful shave from another.

So to help you out a bit with finding a blade to suit you we have created a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack which contains 5 blades from each Astra, Derby, Wilkinson, Gillette and Bolzano, for a cheaper price than buying them individually.

After all, no one wants to buy 100’s of a certain blade to find out that it isn’t right for them, and similarly no one wants to do the same thing with even their favourite, to find out it just doesn’t work as a combination in their new safety razor.

So be smart and sample blades, you’ll be glad you did.

Gem Safety Razor

The Gem safety razor and blades are exceptional quality, original Gem blades are made of stainless steel, which means they are sharper!

A bit of history – Jerry Reichard opened The Gem Safety Company in 1898, after working the Kampfe Brother’s at Star Razor for 23 years, The first product was the Gem safety razor and became one of the world’s most famous razor and blades ever to be made.

Gem Single Edge Blades and Vintage Razors

Gem Single Edge Blades and Vintage Razors

The company eventually merged with two other companies and is known today as The American Safety Razor Company.

Many people dismiss the Gem safety
Razor (as well as the near identical Ever-Ready) as not being serious shaving razors, whereas the reverse is true,  they provide a fantastic shave when used with
the right blade.

Where the poor reputation stems is often from users trying to shave with ‘Craft Blades’ these blades look identical to shaving grade single edge blades, but the edge is not sufficiently sharp enough to shave with.

Used with a good quality blade, the Gem-type single edge razors are outstanding both in terms of shave and their very art-deco look.

The Gem safety razor and blades make a great piece of shaving kit.

Shavettes – An Introduction to Straight Razor Shaving.

Proraso-All-Metal-Shavette-RazorHave you ever wanted to try Straight Razor shaving but been too cautious to try it? Well perhaps the answer lies with a Shavette Razor.

Shavettes are made by a wide range of manufacturers including Proraso and we also have some own brand models here at The Safety Razor Company.

These handy little Razors provide an easy introduction into Straight Razor shaving but without any of the effort. With a Straight Razor you have to strop and hone to keep the quality up, but what more and more people are doing now is purchasing and getting used to a Shavette first, and then only when they feel comfortable using one – to buy their first straight, feeling safe in the knowledge they have prepared as best they can.

You can use a Shavette with any Single Edge Blade or even a Double Edge Blade snapped in half. I would suggest to use both methods to find out which you prefer before buying blades to practice with.

If you wish to purchase a Shavette Razor just take a look at the Shavette Section on our website. If you wish to know more simply Contact Us.

Shaving Cream – Italian Proraso Shaving Cream The Secret Formula?

The Italian Job – Have you tried the Proraso’s  secret formula shaving cream yet?

This very popular Italian brand has been made in Florence since the 1920s across 3 generations.

Proraso Shaving CreamsThe secret formula shaving cream is based on Eucalyptus Oil has been safely guarded and passed down from generation to generation.

Proraso shaving cream is the choice for many Italian barbers and is considered one of the best shaving creams in the world, find out more about it here.

The texture of the shaving cream is thick and concentrated which means that it will prepare the stubble and soften the skin well in preparation for the shave. The cream is paraben free and contains no silicones, mineral oil or artificial colours.

The shaving cream is available in pots and tubes in a variety of fragrances including original Eucalyptus oil and menthol, Aloe and vitamin E, sandalwood and shea butter and a special sensitive skin formula.

Happy shaving whatever shaving cream you decide to use.

From Eddie and the team






Do You Use Alum Blocks?

45g Shavex Professional Alum Block ImageAlum, also known as Potassium Alum, has been used as a shaving aid for centuries. Surprisingly however, some men today don’t even know of it, or certainly not the benefits it can bring to your daily shave.

You may be thinking “Oh here comes another costly addition to my shaving kit” but we think that an Alum Block should be thought of as a necessity rather than an additional extra.

You see, the application of a moistened Alum Block after shaving will not only provide instant relief of razor burn, but it will also cure any minor nicks as well as help to close your open pores (Alum is a well known astringent). This leaves behind skin which is smooth, even and best of all is irritation free.

The best part is that an Alum Block can be used for other reasons than just as a shaving aid, such as a natural Deodorant or even just to keep as a handy Antiseptic tool.

Plenty of Alum Blocks exist on the shaving market and the truth is that any product containing Alum will be a boon for the skin. Some products however, contain Alum along with a whole other host of things, which we don’t really like the idea of here at The Safety Razor Company.

We believe that Alum works best alone, which is why after carefully looking at all of the options out there, we have decided to stock the Shavex 100% natural Alum Block.

We stock two different sizes, 45g and 125g, both of which come with a plastic storage box. We hope we have convinced you to join the ever-growing side of shavers who use these incredible products, but to understand the benefits you really do need to try it for yourself!

Dry Your Shaving Brush Properly.

Vulfix Tortoise Shell Shaving Brush Drip Stand Image
Have you ever went to have a shave only then to realise instead of having a nice dry Shaving Brush to produce a luxurious lather with, you’re left with something wet, clumpy and generally unpleasant? If you answered yes then perhaps it’s time you invested in a Shaving Brush Stand.

When buying your kit you may have overlooked a stand for your Shaving Brush, but think about it – you have paid anywhere from £10 – £100+ for your favourite Brush, so why not take good care of it?

Shaving Brush “Drip” Stands always hold the brush upside down, allowing gravity to do it’s work and “drip” the brush dry. What this does is it allows your brush to dry thoroughly and properly, leaving you with no nasty surprises when you next come to shave. Doing this means you will prolong the life of your Brush, getting your moneys worth!

Here at the Safety Razor Company we have recently widened the range of Shaving Brush Drip Stands we supply, so we’re sure we’ll have one to suit you and your kit. For under £5 you can’t go wrong, considering it may provide your Shaving Brush a few years extra service.

Going away? Take this Village Barber Travel Set with you!

Village Barber Travel Pack Image

In the past we have blogged about Village Barber products and how much we love them. Not only because they are made locally to us, but also because we just love the way they accompany our shave!

If you haven’t tried them yet, you really are missing out. Both the Pre-Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm go down a treat even on very sensitive skin. The oil is not too thick and only requires a small amount to moisten your facial hair and get to work. If you have tried other oils in the past you will know that usually you wouldn’t shave with the oil on, but this one is different. Of course you can use your favourite shaving soap or cream after the oil, but for something refreshingly different leave the oil applied for a little while then simply shave.

I can forgive you if you’re thinking that the oil would “clog up” the safety razor but that’s the great thing – it simply doesn’t! After you’re done shaving a small amount of the Village Barber Aftershave Balm will make for a great finish and what’s more is it’s cooling and smells just great.

Why are we re-visiting Village Barber you ask? Because now both of these fantastic products are available as a Travel Set, which you can take with you even if flying as both are only 30ml.

Of course this would also be a fantastic opportunity to try both products for the unfortunate shavers out there which haven’t yet!

Please Note: Due to the almond oil used in the Shaving Oil this product is not suitable for people with a nut allergy. We may have an alternative available, so please feel free to get in touch.