Take Care of Your Facial Hair!

Proraso Beard / Moustache Care Group Shot ImageHere at The Safety Razor Company we believe that if you are going to keep a Beard and / or a Moustache, then at least make sure you care for it as you would your skin when shaving. We have recently acquired some products to help you out, manufactured by the wonderful Proraso.

To start with there is a Moustache Wax. This soft, pliable wax can be used to style and re-style your Moustache time and time again, to suit however you fancy wearing it.

We then have a Beard Oil, which is perfect for softening and protecting those slightly longer beards. Alongside this oil we have also stocked a Hot Beard Oil Treatment. These 4x 17ml treatments will nourish and repair even the wiriest beard, assiting in a healthy beard growth without breakage.

Finally we have a Beard Balm, which is formulated to ease the discomfort that often comes with the first few weeks of new beard growth, softening and soothing your hair as it grows.

So there you have it, some fantastic products to help you on your way to the Beard and Moustache you’ve always wanted. If you do ever fancy a shave – you know we’ll be here to supply you a razor, but in the mean time, look after your facial hair!

Alum Block – Is It a Necessary Part of the Shaving Experience?

Alum block, also known as Potassium Alum, has been used as part of the wet shaving experience for centuries.

As a well-known astringent its properties instantly relieve any razor burn, and stops any minor cuts and nicks that may have happened during the main part of the shave. Alum block closes the skins pores leaving it smooth, feeling tight and clean and free from irritation which makes a wonderful end to the shave.

Alum BlockAlum block’s antibacterial properties make it suitable as a deodorant and it is also commonly marketed as a deodorant crystal. So it can also double up for this purpose.

It is really easy to use – After shaving give the face a rinse with cold water, then run some cold water over the alum block and then rub the block over the face and neck.  Leave it for a minute and then rinse the face again and pat dry with a towel.  Apply aftershave if required.

A styptic pencil is a different tool that specifically and directly seals cuts and stops bleeding.

Alum block is one of those things that you have to try in order to appreciate.

See more about Alum Blocks here!


Happy shaving
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Shavette Razors and Straight Razors – The Differences Explained

At first glance Shavettes and Straight (cut throat) Razors appear similar, there are in fact many differences between them.  A Shavette is related more to a safety razor than a ‘proper’ Straight Razor in that the blade used is a mass produced, disposable wafer blade.

Shavette RazorThe true straight razor takes some time to master (many months) and does take extra care (stropping after each shave and honing around once per year).  A good straight razor will last a lifetime if cared for properly though and the blade never needs changing!

Shavettes are well suited to the travelling man or those who just have less time on their hands but still want to achieve a close shave. They are also kinder to the skin than multi blade cartridge razors and cause less irritation.

It is commonly believed that Shavettes are used as an introduction to shaving with a straight razor this isn’t really the case as the ‘straight edge shaving experience’ between them is very different, so each needs to be mastered separately.

The first Shavettes were developed by Dovo of Solingen specifically for barbers who used them in place of scissors or clippers for trimming hair and shaping the hair line. They are available today under many more brands such as Parker and Feather.

Barbers began to look for other options to the traditional straight razor when health and safety became more of an issue and Shavettes became a good solution. Shavettes began to grow in popularity as the demand for them from the end user grew as an alternative to disposables.

There is a place for both Shavettes and Straight Razors to be used depending on the daily circumstances.

Whatever you decided to shave with enjoy the experience.

Happy Shaving

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Horse Hair Shaving Brushes – Want To Know More About Them?

Horse hair shaving brushes have recently started to make a comeback in the market after a drop in popularity during World War 1 when there was an Anthrax scare.

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Vie-Long Pure Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

These shaving brushes are becoming popular again alongside other synthetic shaving brushes.  Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes are considered very favourably by seasoned wet shavers who describe them as between badger and boar in texture.  Horse hair shaving brushes have the ability to create and hold a generous lather with shaving cream or soap. This along with their very affordable price makes them a very attractive purchase.

These high quality natural hair shaving brushes are carefully manufactured by hand by Spanish based Vie-Long.  The company have specialised in manufacturing make up and shaving brushes since 1940, which makes them true leaders in their field.

In their pure form the brushes are ‘animal friendly’ as the hair is cut from the mane or tail ensuring that no harm comes to the horse.  The brushes are also available in a mixed bristle – pure and badger.

See more about Vie-Long horse hair shaving brushes here.

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Shaving Skin Care – Don’t Let it Be A Nightmare!

It’s trick or treat time! The clocks have changed and the darker nights mean that winter is well on its way!


Lego Halloween shaving brush stand

Shaving skin care need not be a nightmare!   Winter is time to step up skin care and make sure that the face is well moisturised. Proraso shaving cream in Sandalwood oil and Shea Butter is well known for its moisturising qualities and is available in either shaving cream or shaving soap, topped off with a luxury aftershave balm is sure to keep the skin at its best.

What’s more we extended our spooktacular offer and shaved 10% off all shaving products so that you can enjoy your favourites or perhaps use it on gift ideas for loved ones.  Just enter TRAVEL10 code at the checkout!

Happy Halloween!

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What Makes Omega Shaving Brushes Renowned Worldwide

Omega shaving brushesItalian leading brush manufacturer Omega have been making paint brushes, rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes in bristle, badger and synthetic fibres since 1946. These shaving brushes are renowned worldwide as well as throughout Italy for their exceptional ability to lather.

Omegas boar hair brushes are the preferred brush by Italian barbers as they have a much stiffer and firmer feel bristle which gives them the ability to agitate the soap surface so well. The bristles do soften after a few weeks of use and become more broken in.  These brushes come at an excellent and very affordable price.

The Omega badger hair shaving brushes make a fantastic dense lather and have a much softer luxurious feel which is reflected in the price.  They make a nice upgrade to a shaving kit as a treat or gift idea.

Either can be used along with the Omega classic shaving soap or cream and topped off with Omega aftershave balm to really enhance any shaving experience.

An Omega brush is a lovely treat for any man!

Shaving Cream – Italian Proraso Shaving Cream The Secret Formula?

The Italian Job – Have you tried the Proraso’s  secret formula shaving cream yet?

This very popular Italian brand has been made in Florence since the 1920s across 3 generations.

Proraso Shaving CreamsThe secret formula shaving cream is based on Eucalyptus Oil has been safely guarded and passed down from generation to generation.

Proraso shaving cream is the choice for many Italian barbers and is considered one of the best shaving creams in the world, find out more about it here.

The texture of the shaving cream is thick and concentrated which means that it will prepare the stubble and soften the skin well in preparation for the shave. The cream is paraben free and contains no silicones, mineral oil or artificial colours.

The shaving cream is available in pots and tubes in a variety of fragrances including original Eucalyptus oil and menthol, Aloe and vitamin E, sandalwood and shea butter and a special sensitive skin formula.

Happy shaving whatever shaving cream you decide to use.

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Shaving Products The Benefits of Using Them?

Using a pre- shaving product such as shaving oils and shaving creams adds a further layer of protection to the skin. This is an optional step but a good step to include when new to traditional shaving.shaving product

Pre-shaving oils is a very popular pre- shaving product and also help to moisturise the skin.  Oil with a thinner consistency is a better choice as it won’t clog up the razor like thicker oil can.

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub palms together then gently massage evenly to the face and leave to sink in for 5 minutes before lathering.  Cream is also best left on for five minutes before shaving.

So if you are new to shaving we would recommend trying out some pre-shaving products prior to your shave.

Happy shaving and enjoy your shaving product!

Eddie and the team Argentina

The Simpsons Shaving Brushes

Simpsons shaving brushes are considered to be the finest handmade shaving brushes in the world.

Originally named Simpsons Brushes and based in London. Simpsons first started to manufacture shaving brushes in 1919.  Alexander Simpson grew the award winning business and in 1924 it moved from the East End of London over to Clapham.  Later the company moved west and is now based in the Isle of Man.

The company is now owned by Vulfix and also offer the Vulfix range of shaving brushes.

The flagship Simpson brush is the Chubby – available in three sizes, 1, 2 and the huge 3 in Super and Best Badger hair and now in Synthetic Badger hair.

The Major Simpsons Shaving Brush

Simpsons Shaving Brushes – The Major

At the other end of the size range the tiny ‘Wee scot’ is ideal for travelling.

Initially designed for Himalayan explorer, Major Victor Beeching and named simply The Major, this ingenious travel shaving brush is a true work of art and is available in either Super or Best Badger hair. This brush screws into an open ended tube which both protects the brush and allows  it to dry.

Here is an original Major from the 1980s.

The Simpsons Berkeley 46 shaving brush has been an excellent seller since the 1920’s. The Berkeley is made with either Pure Badger or Best Badger hair.

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Mitchell’s Wool Fat shaving soap soothes sensitive skin, and has been recommended by dermatologists and doctors. Highly recommended and popular throughout the world of shaving. Made in England since 1930.

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Still manufactured in Bradford, England, this delicately scented shaving soap was first made in the 1930’s, when chemist Fred Mitchell discovered it was the lanolin found in wool fat that was keeping the hands of local sheep shearers and wool sorters so wonderfully soft. It’s fine soothing qualities gained its recognition particularly with those people with sensitive skin and made it ideal to use in shaving soaps.

This shaving soap comes in a great storage and mixing bowl specifically designed to fit the soap.

Mitchell’s wool fat shaving soap doesn’t produce lather as thick as some other soaps but the lubricating properties more than make up.

Check it out in our store here!

Happy Shaving!
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