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Why use a Safety Razor...

A group of us in the North East (South Shields) got chatting about shaving and how we all seemed to be spending more and more on the three, four and five blade offerings from the razor manufacturers. Also, no matter how many blades were added, it was still a case of squirting some goo from a tin, rubbing it onto our face and then dragging the latest razor across for a very average shave. No real thought, just a daily chore.

I decided to buy a modern safety razor, some blades, proper soap and a shaving brush. The really nice thing that I found, right from that first shave was that I actually thought about what I was doing and actually enjoyed the experience! What’s more I didn’t cut myself and got the closest shave I’ve ever had! That was it, I’ve never looked back. Much less expensive and better for the environment too!

The double-edged safety razor blades are far less expensive than the latest multi blades – see for yourself in our catalogue. The safety razor blades are also totally recyclable as they aren’t encased in plastic, they are good quality coated steel – just save the old ones in an old steel drinks can (not an aluminium coke can), crush it and pop it in the recycling bin.

The soap also lasts far longer than aerosol foam or gel and your skin will feel much better too. So gentlemen, in short we are being conned, the latest semi-disposable razors rely on expensive consumables (the blades) – the razor may last you a year or two (until you are forced to buy the next model or the current one wears out) but you’ll spend hundreds of pounds on blades.

A good modern (or vintage) safety razor will last a lifetime and instead of paying around £8 for four blades, you pay around £1.50 for five to ten blades and they’ll give you more shaves per blade too! Well, here’s a chance to change all this, try a safety razor and see for yourself.

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