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Badger and Hog or Boar Hair

Grades used for Shaving Brushes

Silver Tip

This is the finest grade of hair available for the manufacture of shaving brushes and originates from the neck of the animal. As it is in very limited supply, Silver Tip hair has a high status amongst wet shavers. It comes in it's natural state and is untrimmed to give an exceptionally soft feel. Many manufacturers state that their brushes contain Silver Tip, when actually they are using Super Badger (see below).

Super Badger

Super Badger hair is a very high quality grade used only in hand filled brushes from leading manufacturers. Super is chosen for it's softness and water retention qualities. The Super grade of Vulfix and Simpson's brushes listed on this site are all hand made and filled, no machine trimming is used. As a result these brushes are guaranteed to give the softest and smoothest of shaves. The brush should last a lifetime, if cared for properly.

Best Badger

This grade is between Super and Pure, but it is difficult to distinguish the difference between this grade and the Super (unless you are an expert that is!)

Pure Badger

Pure Badger hair if of the finest quality and carefully graded for hand filled brushes. It is regarded as a benchmark in terms of quality by leading brush manufacturers. The hair is dark and silver in appearance, immediately identifying the brush as being above average quality. This grade of hair is slightly stiffer than Super or Silver Tip and is often preferred by those who like a slightly stiffer brush.

Any other Badger hair is of ungraded quality, unless stated as being one of the above.

Hog (or Boar) Hair - Pure Bristle

This hair comes from Hogs and is favoured by those wet shavers who prefer a stiffer feel to their brush. The bristle comes in various qualities from very stiff grey through to brown and softer bleached white.

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