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Safety Razors can take a while to get used to if your used to disposable 3/4/5 blade razors, mainly because of their rigidity (no tilting heads) and getting used to not applying so much pressure, but once mastered, will offer a greater shave than any disposable razor ever could!

A good Safety Razor will also last you a lifetime, with CHEAP disposable blades, and not the scandalous prices that are charged for "disposable" razor heads which would have you practically selling your soul for a mediocre resulting shave. This in the long term will save you a lot of money so make the wise choice today and buy a Safety Razor!

We also offer some Shavette type razors which introduce a neat way into straight razor shaving without having to learn about honing and stropping, giving you the experience of a straight razor shave without the chore of maintaining one.

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