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Vintage Or New Safety Razors

You will notice that as well as new modern and traditionally designed safety razors, we also sell vintage safety razors. Many people collect vintage straight and safety razors, but some people (myself included) like to use a vintage razor for shaving, either occasionally, alongside a modern safety razor (as I do) or for all of their shaving.

Really, it's entirely up to the user as to whether they want to try a vintage razor. What we would say is, that unless stated, all of the vintage razors for sale on this web site are 'shave-ready'. What this means is that they are fully functional, but most importantly, they have been sterilised or replated in original specification bright nickel, silver or gold.

All of our vintage razors are ultrasonically cleaned, polished, then Ultraviolet (UV) sterilised. If a razor has any wear to the plating, it will not be sold as 'shave-ready' and will be sold for interest only and should not be used to shave with.

I wouldn't advise using a vintage razor if you are new to using a safety razor. Better to start with a modern safety razor such as the Parker 90R or the Merkur Futur. These are 'Butterfly' opening razors - or you may like to try a Merkur 1904, a design based on the original 1904 razor patented by King Camp Gillette. This is a three-part razor where the top screws off to change the blade.

With safety razors, it's really just a matter of personal preference, some are light in weight like the Merkur Lightweight, others are heavier, like the Merkur or Parker HD (Heavy Duty) models. Others, like the Merkur Slant Bar have a slanted head that, when mastered can give a closer shave with less passes.

If you are unsure as to what razor will suit you best, we'd be delighted to help, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail using the contact details on the Contact page of the web site.

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