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Welcome to our FAQs page, here you can browse the most commonly asked questions.

Where does the word Styptic come from and what is it?

A styptic is a type of drug or method of contracting blood vessels to prevent bleeding or blood flow. The word comes from the Greek "styptikos" and Latin "stypticus" meaning "to constrict, draw together". There are a number of products that believe me can be very useful when you first start wet shaving and a styptic pencil, match or gel all come under that banner.

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Are Safety Razors old fashioned?

When Mr Gillette invented a safety razor with disposable blades in 1901; he took the shaving world by storm. In the 1980s the razor manufacturers changed the purchase model from a quality razor with cheap replacement blades to a semi-disposable razor and expensive consumable blades.

A modern (or vintage) Safety Razor will give you a great shave and will often last a lifetime or two, making for an excellent gift to hand down. They can also look ultra modern, or classically retro, but never old fashioned.

Take a look at all of the models in the Double Edge category to see some modern Safety Razors, or stroll over to our Vintage Razors category for a more traditional product.

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Can you sharpen Double Edge blades?

Double Edge blades can be sharpened but as with anything sharp care bust be taken.

We stock the RazorPit Teneo which although designed to sharpen cartridge razor blades, will still sharpen a Double Edge blade BUT you must do this by hand and not while the blade is in your Safety Razor. The reason for this being that the RazorPit has been designed to sharpen cartridge blades whilst on the razor which are aligned at a 30º angle. If you were to try sharpening your Double Edge blade while in the Safety Razor it could end up causing you problems when you next came to shaving.

To sharpen the blade by hand simply hold it by the middle and drag it across the RazorPit at roughly a 30º angle, as you would try to achieve when shaving with your Safety Razor.

In theory this could double if not triple the amount of shaves you get per blade but please remember if the blade causes you irritation, switch it with a new blade and dispose of the old one properly. 

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What are the benefits of using a Shaving Brush?

Using a Shaving Brush in your routine will enable you to experience the most out of a Shaving Soap or Cream, creating the best lather possible to enhance your shave.

Aside from this we believe that using a Shaving Brush simply adds to the Shaving experience and makes it generally more enjoyable. Just like with shaving, creating a lather is a skill and there are times where you will use too much water and end up with a pile of bubbles instead of a lather, or use too little water and end up with a thick lather which sticks to your brush like glue.

But when you have mastered creating the perfect lather with a luxurious Shaving Brush, you will be excited for the next time you have to shave, simply to enjoy the experience.

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Can you only use Shaving Soap with a Shaving Brush?

Not at all, besides Shaving Soaps we also stock a wide range of Shaving Creams which can be mixed into a gorgeous lather with your Shaving Brush, in fact we would recommend a Cream over a Soap if you are new to using a Shaving Brush, as quite often they are a lot easier to get used too!

You could even if you wanted too use your Shaving Brush with goo in a can, although we wouldn"t see any reason why you would want to do this over using a Shaving Soap/Cream and quite honestly we would consider it an insult to the Badger!

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Can you use any Double Edge blade in any safety razor?

All Double Edge blades should fit any Double Edge Safety Razor, new or vintage. What we would suggest however, is that if you have an adjustable Safety Razor, double check you are aware of the characteristics of the blade you are using.

For instance don"t go putting a Feather Blade in a Merkur Futur with it set so that the blade is as exposed as it can be, UNLESS you are aware this is what you are doing. Otherwise you might get a nasty surprise when using such sharp blades, so always know the characteristics of any blade you use, especially if you own an adjustable.

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Is there much difference in the higher priced Double Edge blades?

Generally speaking the differences between blade prices will simply be down to the coatings used or the sharpness of the blade, or even how many shaves you could expect. But choosing a razor blade that suits you is very much a personal choice, one mans nightmare shave could be anothers perfect shave.

What we would suggest is to try samples of blades from different manufacturers and make this the only thing that changes in your Shaving routine. You will then be able to compare the blades and be able to use what you are most comfortable with.

It could be if you get a new Safety Razor that your favourite blade doesn"t feel right, so it is simply a case of experimenting and finding out what works for you. 

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How Do I Size A Shaving Brush?

There are a couple aspects of a Shaving Brush that matter that you would typically "size". These are:

  • Handle Height
  • Bristle Height
  • Overall height
  • Bristle knot size (The width at the base of the knot)

Aside from specific parts of the Shaving Brush, they are generally broken up into Sizes 1, 2 and 3. Size 1 Shaving Brushes are the smallest and are generally considered to be travel brushes. Similarly to this Size 2 brushes are average, whereas Size 3 Brushes would be considered to be large and are often professional Shaving Brushes.

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