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Why use a Safety Razor?

A group of us in the North East (South Shields) got chatting about shaving and how we all seemed to be spending more and more on the three, four and five blade offerings from the razor manufacturers. Also, no matter how many blades were added, it was still a case of squirting some goo from a tin, rubbing it onto our face and then dragging the latest razor across for a very average shave. No real thought, just a daily chore. Read more about using a safety razor...

Go Vintage

You will notice that as well as new modern and traditionally designed safety razors, we also sell vintage safety razors. Many people collect vintage straight and safety razors, but some people (myself included) like to use a vintage razor for shaving, either occasionally, alongside a modern safety razor (as I do) or for all of their shaving. Read more about vintage safety razors...
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